Customized IT Solutions for Businesses

Transform Your Business Operations with Cutting-Edge Technology Solutions for Enhanced Efficiency and Growth.

Since 2020, Altekon is providing IT consulting services and software solutions within the following fields

  • Business technology enablement. Enterprise architecture.
  • IT Solutions architecture
  • IT management and governance consulting
  • IT Solution design, development, integration
  • Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence

Our technology expertise includes a wide range of specializations, within the following core areas

  • Systems integration
  • Systems and data migration
  • Systems backend and frontend development CI/CD, DevOps
  • Data platforms and databases design, development and integration
  • Cloud infrastructure design and administration
  • Security and compliance

Our pride rests on the three pillars

  • High level of responsibility reflected in the Customers trust with their critical IT systems
  • High deliveries quality reflected in recurring customers projects and assinments
  • Real customers benefits reflected in increased ROI and decreased operational costs

However the company’s scope is not only limited to the above mentioned IT fields. We are constantly augmenting our IT knowledge base to stay on top of the technological progress and developing market trends.

Altekon is willing to leverage the high digital data market demand and capitalize on its extensive IT experience and hefty set of skills to be a part of the modern development. What sets this company aside is the unique set of skills and high-quality solutions offered at competitive prices.