Information to Businesses
As Water to Life.

We help transforming businesses with innovative IT solutions, leveraging the information to sustained business vitality. We help enabling information flows and offer our technology expertise to streamline business operations, enhance efficiency, maximizing ROI and gaining a competitive edge through skilful use of technology.

Empowering Businesses with Innovative and Customized Tech Solutions

Welcome to Altekon, a young and agile company with strong expertize. We are experts in IT consulting, software development, system integration, and Business Intelligence.

We specialize in software development, system integration, and IT consulting, helping businesses optimize operations and stay ahead in the digital age.

Our key-feature is empowering companies to thrive with cutting-edge tech solutions.

Partner with us for your business transformation. We have your interests at heart.

IT Consulting Services for Your Business

What we offer tailored IT consulting services helping you to realize your competitive advantage, make informed technology decisions, and helping you along th way of optimizing your IT processes, realizing new ideas and adopting new technologies.

Custom Software Dev. Free image. Photo by Markus Spiske.

Custom Software Development

Custom software solutions built for your unique business needs. High-quality and scalable.

Delivering software solutions that drive business growth through innovation. Unlocking Business Growth and Efficiency with Cutting-Edge Tech Solutions.

Reliable System Integration Solutions

Streamline your business processes, maximize productivity and achieve your operational synergy through efficient integration of your IT systems.

IT Systems landscape modernization

We help organizations to introduce new systems and integrate with existing processes, as well as carry out a smooth systems migrations, enabling organizations with new capabilitiew without compromizing the accumulated knowledge and data.

BI Solutions. Free Photo by fauxels.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We help you to gather, consolidate and make the best sense of all your data, making the most optimal use of your business information.
We help you to define, establish and develop your own data analysis, reporting and business intelligence capability, paving the way to your business agility and long term success.