Transforming Businesses Through Advanced Technology

Welcome to Innovate Tech Solutions: Empowering Businesses with Cutting-Edge Technology

Global events of the last 4 years disrupted many organizations, and the implications of their impact are still unfolding. Companies in Denmark as well as globally are prompt to change their old IT systems, infrastructure and overall processes to optimized and newer versions and solutions.

This development encouraged the founder of Altekon to capitalize on the power of the new emerging IT market and leverage acceleration and scaling up of software solutions to meet these newfangled challenges.

Thus the goal of Altekon is:

To provide innovative IT and software solutions to companies from primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary sectors in Denmark and European Union. Moreover, Altekon’s ambition is to create customer value and trusted customer base by offering a positive experience in the process of delivering high-end solutions.

The knowledge repository resides in the extensive professional experience of more than 30 years within the IT industry of Altekon’s founders. The skills range from hands-on software programming, data warehousing, data analytics, business intelligence skills experience to providing optimized software, process and solution architecture consulting services.

This extensive experience has not only forged the IT skills and knowledge capital, but also serves as a foundation for understanding the IT market and its future development.

Moreover, Altekon are passionate about data and delivering high-quality IT solutions, therefore, we strongly believe in the long-term success of our venture.

Our mission is to empower businesses with customized high-tech solutions.

Our vision is to be pioneers within the IT Consultancy industry by bridging

business needs with cutting-edge innovative IT technologies.